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Expanding Equity and Economic Opportunities

Transform the lives of marginalized groups


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of the world's hungry population are women and girls?

Expanding Equity and Economic Opportunities

The All For The Future Foundation aims to transform the lives of marginalized groups, especially women and youth through the development of educational programs that provide them with tools they need to create a better life and a more stable financial future for themselves.

The organization works with schools, governments, and international organizations to develop projects that empower the people we serve to influence their communities in positive ways.

Encourage our members to actively participate in their financial future by developing innovative educational programs

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Women have a unique position to influence the future financial their families. This is especially true in countries facing high poverty. Our program is aimed at developing the financial education of women, giving them the tools they need to learn a business skill, obtain access to microcredit, open a new business and contribute to the development of thefinantial of their families and community

To achieve these ends, women who participate in our programs will also benefit from medical examinations and family planning education.


for academic enrichment and to offer low-income students a wide range of professional and technical programs and activities, in the areas of plumbing, electrical, technology education programs and other development activities such as health, education programs, drug and violence prevention, counseling programs, English language learning programs, and finantial education.

Our outreach programs will run after school during the academic year and will incorporate a summer learning component.

Possible primary outcomes are academic and career development, youth safety and supervision, increased employment opportunities, new experiences and opportunities. In addition, there are potential secondary outcomes, particularly the development of emotional intelligence and the opportunity to network with potential employers and mentors.

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Our impact on local communities

Helping women and youth makes a difference!

Breaking the cycle of poverty

Skills Development and Financial Education

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